Dear friends, Please study the following information which will help you to keep the time.

What is the price of service? How fast?

Every project is unique. Its price and execution depend on drawing difficulty, area, height, necessary equipment and weather conditions. Please choose the drawing and its area and turn to us. We’ll calculate the price and necessary time.


We provide you with warranty for all our drawings as we use the best paint and technologies, we keep strict order of paint coating to obtain the best quality of the drawing. Please remember that your  rights are protected with special Contract which is signed before we start working.

Will the sketch correspond to performed drawing?

We guaranty 100% correspondence of the sketch and performed drawing in lines, proportions and colors, at the same time we keep the right for colors’ hue discrepancy.

How it happens.

You want to place information or drawing or to change interior or exterior. You need to have right for these changes which has to be confirmed with special documents. After getting sketch and photo of place where work will be done, we prepare project and calculate its price, time and all other necessary details which are reflected in the Contract or in the Specification to the Contract. The next step is surface grounding and paint coating. After work complementation we sign the Document which states that all work has been done according to Contract conditions.